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Why visit Larnaca?


This region of Cyprus is a great commercial port along as well as a very well known tourist resort. People come over here from all over the world and rent holiday villas, cottages and self catering holiday apartments. They come here to enjoy the great scenery, hot sunny weather and all the incredible entertainment and recreational activities that Larnaca has to offer. Villa Talea Rent A Country House In Crete


Larnaca is a great city in Cyprus and is located on the south coast. It is believed to be one of the oldest cities of Cyprus and there is evidence that it has been inhabited for more than 6000 years. The modern Larnaca is actually divided in the old city center with the newer part full of restaurants and hotels that sprawl along its mesmerizing beaches.


If you are planning to explore Larnaca then you must know beforehand some important information about this region of Cyprus. Larnaca is well known for the art and theatre galleries that are run by the Municipality. This gallery is home to the renowned Pieridis Museum of Antiquities that was founded by the great Demetrios Pieridis. There are also two major art schools are also located here and they specialize in fine art and design.



















Larnaca is now a popular tourist destination with holiday makers staying in holiday rentals in Cyprus. There are many self catering holiday apartments and holiday villas that can be rented in Larnaca as holiday accommodation.


The Municipal Band of Larnaca has about sixty musicians and is well known across the whole of Cyprus. This band is famous for offering a very large and amazing repertoire of music. It ranges from the marching parade music to the great Latin, Greek favorites and rock-and- roll. The band also makes frequent appearances at various music festivals and concerts throughout the world.


Diving is a great sport activity that is popular with holiday makers in Larnaca. If you wish to experience the best diving them the most famous spot here for it is the Wreck of Zenobia. It is a ferry which sunk in 1980 while on its maiden voyage and is now a very popular tourist dive destination.


The Church of St. Lazarus is a very famous tourist attraction. This church dates back to the ninth century and is orthodox in nature. It was built around Lazarusís tomb.† Many tourists come to Larnaca specifically to visit this church.


Another great attraction of Larnaca is the Salt Lake of Larnaca that lies westwards of the town, just near airport. This Salt Lake has an added charm in winter when pink flamingos fly around in flocks. Also, the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque that perches by the side makes the place well worth a visit.


















Larnaca is a popular region of Cyprus and in recent years the number of holiday rentals available to tourists has grown in quantity and quality. You can now rent some superb holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments in this part of Cyprus. The combination of superb climate, great beaches and good food draws back families staying in self catering holiday homes year after year.





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