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The Turkish city of Istanbul is the only city in the world to straddle two continents (Europe and Asia) and is the largest city in Turkey.  Boasting over 2000 years of ancient history whilst opening its arms to modernisation, Istanbul has a diverse and ever expanding culture and is home to over 12.6 million people.


Must see places in Istanbul

Be sure to take a sea-bus to the Princes’ Islands, situated in the sea of Marmara, along the Anatolian region of Istanbul.  The largest and most famous Island is “Büyükada” which translates from Turkish as “Big Island.”   The use of motorised vehicles is forbidden on the islands; therefore it is advised to explore the island on foot, by bicycle or by riding a donkey.  There are a number of historical landmarks situated on the island of Büyükada, including a Monastery built in the 6th century.


Other historical sites include and are not limited to:


The Sultan Ahmet Mosque was built approximately 400 years ago during the rule of Ahmed the 1st and is the national mosque of Turkey. The mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque due to the fact that it was designed with distinct blue exterior tiles.


The mosque also includes the tomb of the founder, a hospice and a madrasah. The Sultan Ahmet mosque is one of the popular and famous attractions to visit when coming to Turkey.


The Hagia Sofia is known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom. It was originally built approximately 1500 years ago. Hagia Sofia is the epitome of Byzantine architecture. It was built and used as the focal point of church councils and imperial ceremonies.


It remained as a functioning church until around 500 years ago when it was converted into a imperial mosque by the conquering Sultan Mehmet. In 1934, Kemal Ataturk converted the use of the mosque into the Aya Sofya museum, which is what it stands at today. This is definitely one site to visit.


Topkapi Museum was the official and primary residence for the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years, although it was built around 600 years ago. The Topkapi Palace and huge grounds is a major tourist attraction due to the fact that it was set as a backbone for state occasions and royal entertainment. during the height of its stature was home to nearly 4000 people.


The Palace museum also holds amazing holy relics of the Muslim world and also includes the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) sword.

Offers small group and customized tours within turkey, including excursions to ephesus, cappadocia, and gallipoli.


The Ruins Of Ephesus

Offers small group and customized tours within Istanbul and Turkey, including excursions to Ephesus, Cappadocia, and Gallipoli.


Underground Cistern also know as the Basilica Cistern is the biggest underground cistern built during the Byzantine times in Istanbul approximately 1500 years ago. The Turkish name for it is Yerebatan Sarnici which actually means 'Sunken Palace'.


It was built in order to supply and store the water around the palaces nearby. The aqueduct cistern was largely left unused for a very long period of time until it was restorated 20 years ago and includes walkways and lighting so it is a suitable place to have on your tick list for the places to visit. Online Ephesus offers small group and customized tours within turkey, including excursions to ephesus, cappadocia, and gallipoli.



If you are an avid James Bond (Sean Connery) fan then you may remember the cistern in the movie 'From Russia with Love' The professional airport transfer & property management service in kusadasi turkey with Kusadasi Home Service


Best time to visit Istanbul

Istanbul is known to be a very warm city throughout the year.  It is advisable to visit Istanbul during the months of April and May as the temperature is usually a little cooler than the summer months.  The summer months of July and August can get extremely hot, appealing to many more tourists than any other months during the year, making Istanbul busier than usual. 


The temperature in Istanbul during the summer months can also feel very uncomfortable as temperatures can soar up to 40oC.  September and October are also prime months to visit Istanbul as the temperature feels a little cooler than the summer months and Istanbul is less busy due to a decrease in the number of tourists. cheap holiday flightsİ

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