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How to best enjoy a trip to Vietnam


When you decide to visit an exotic destination like Vietnam top resorts, you just need to well prepared in terms of what exactly to do and where precise to go otherwise you might just fritter away your time without getting the very best out of it.


The options you have in terms of really enjoying Vietnam Best Hotels are legion and I intend to give you a neat and tight outline of activities and destinations which could form your itinerary.


First, congratulations on choosing Vietnam holiday and Halong Bay Tours as your preferred destination for your vacation, you could not have made a better choice. Next, you will have to choose where to go in the country.


Your options include:


-††††††††††† The capital city known as Hanoi

-††††††††††† Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) which was formerly known as Saigon and remains the largest city in the southern parts of the country as well its economic hub.

-††††††††††† Hue which is the reputed home of Vietnamís past emperors.

-††††††††††† Dalat which is located in the highlands and the largest city in those parts.

 Nha Trang which is the most popular beach resort in Vietnam and famous for its idyllic beaches and landscape.


There are numerous other destinations but these will suffice for you particularly as a first-timer.


It is advisable that you enter the country by flight as this is far more convenient that other means which include rail and road. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are three cities in Vietnam Paradise Travel that have international airports.


I imagine that this is your first time in Vietnam travel and I will advise you accordingly but even if it is not, you will definitely gain a lot.


Hanoi international airport is about the best option for you to take in getting into the country and from there you can take a connecting flight to the preferred destination for your trip; Nha Trang which is the land of beautiful beaches.


Once you alight from the plane at the Cam Ranh Airport, you can get yourself ready to enjoy natureís beauty right after you have find cheapflights.


Where you put up depends on your budget and you can rest assured that whatever the state of your pocket, you will get what you need.


The Memento Resort and Vinpearl Resort are two upscale lodgings while budget options include Nha Trang Hotel, La Suisse Hotel and Pho Bien Hotel amongst others.


If your pocket is bulging however, you can check into the Sunrise Beach Resort, Six Senses Hideaway or the Diamond Bay Resort & Spa to mention a few.


Now for having fun, you need to visit the following beaches to start with;


-††††††††††† Bai Dai (Long Beach): stretch of blue water and sand for your enjoyment

-††††††††††† Ba Ho (3 Lakes): a combination of a beautiful waterfall and 3 small lakes.

-††††††††††† Bao Dai Villa: Enjoy a scenic view of the bay from there

 Yang Bay Waterfalls and Fairy Spring Waterfalls.


As for the other tips and activities, you have to start with tasting the famous Vietnamese seafood cuisine with the Mekong River Cruise.


If you do not do this, you simply have not been to Vietnam Sapa Travel and for that matter, Nha Trang! Boat cruises can be gotten on hire for a cheap dime as is sailing.


When you have absolutely tired your muscles out carrying out these activities, visit the Thap Ba natural hotsprings for a body pampering treat.©

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