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Cheapflightsia is the World Wide Web search results tool to help you compare cheap flights tickets to Marrakesh and cheap holidays to Morocco, North Africa. The airfare prices will point you to websites which will allow you to directly book airline tickets for international airline reservations to holiday destinations around the different continents which are popular with holiday makers! - Cheapflightsia logo




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Is Visiting Marrakech in Morocco A Good Idea?


Marrakesh is a very beautiful city and if there is ever any question as to whether it is worthwhile as a holiday destination, you only need to talk to someone who has been there and really taken time to drink in its sights and sounds especially after looking for some extremely cheap last minute flights.


I will give you a few reasons why I believe that Marrakesh is great place to visit and then you can make up your mind. Mind you, I am being very subjective since I had a quite a thrill in Marrakesh when we found our cheap hotel deals.


Two Distinct Parts of the City:

This is one of the few cities in the world where you actually have a choice as to whether you want to live in a traditional setting or modern setting. This involves a choice between the modern part which is modeled after European cities known as Gueliz. It has the modernity you would like to see as well as the shopping for high street brands. You can also have a taste of the traditional life by staying in the Medina where you will find the trappings of life in the ancient ways of the people.


Traditional Relaxation:

Where else can you have a traditional massage or body treatment? The hammams in Marrakesh are second to none. You can pamper your body for a low fee or choose a far more costly option. Any budget you have, you will not lack options.


Djemma El-Fna: I have chosen to represent this as a thrill on its own. This popular town and market square has a heritage which is centuries old and has consistently put Marrakesh on the world cultural map.


Morning till night and across the clock, this cultural centre bubbles of the most cultural activities you can see and experience anywhere.


Learn How to Cook Local Cuisine:

Another unique experience you will get in Marrakesh is that of learning how to prepare local dishes. Where else do you spend a whole day and take these skills away for life?


These classes have become so popular that they are fast attracting more visitors to this ancient city.


Enjoy The Perfect Sahara Adventure:

Packaged tours give you the kind of adventures you only read about in books.


Camel rides through the desert, Quad Bikes, Hot air ballooning, Sand Boarding and Mountain Exploration on the Atlas Mountains are just some of the activities you are set to enjoy in Marrakesh.


Traditional Lodging:

The traditional lodgings otherwise known as riads are available as against the modern hotels. Here, you can have a taste of what life is like in a traditional setting as your hosts will ensure that you get a very great local experience.


Buy Local Artifacts Directly from Artisans:

More often than not in other holiday destinations, you do not get to meet with and haggle with the artisans who produce the local artifacts but in the Foudouks in Marrakesh, you can have that privilege.


This ensures quality and less prices in these historic storehouses which was once used by traders involved in transaharan trade.


I hope I have given you enough facts to make up your mind that Marrakesh is definitely very thrilling as a holiday destination. I did warn that I would be subjective!


An alternative destination to visit is looking for cheap flights to dubai where shopping, sun, sea sand and night life is available for whatever your reasons for visiting the United Arab Emirates.


31072011—Our experience in Marrakech by Janice Harding of Leicester©

Copyright 2008— 2011 All rights reserved



Jemaa El Fna Square or Djema El Fna square. The views and distinct smells of the famous Morroco square market where dishes from all around Morocco are for yours to taste and savour. cheapflightsia the online website tool which will help you to find cheap flights to Marrrakech whenever you are looking to book airline tickets The infamous Koutobia Mosque in Marrakesh, Morocco. cheapflightsia is the world wide webs search site that can assist in the process to compare cheap flights and make international airline reservations to Marrakeshyves saint laurent moroccoThe famous Morrocan Cuisine famously known around the world as The Tagine. Try it at the Djema El Fna in Marrakesh, known as the Marrakesh Square Market. cheapflightsia where the international airline reservation are made only after the flights from heathrow where online flights will enable the cheapest way for you to compare and book airline tickets to Marrakech
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