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My favourite trip to Florida, USA


It is the place that a lot of people in the world only dream of vacationing, Florida.


In other words, it is the ultimate vacation spot. Florida is a tropical beauty that shines even when other parts of the United States are shivering in the winter cold.


After enduring the winter chill of the past year, I decided to try my luck in sunny Florida recently and I believe that counts as my favorite trip to Florida.


I had a tremendously great time and it still hard to forget. I even did the crazy task of grabbing a leather jacket, some shades, and boots from the Harley Davidson zone where I completed the most famous movie phrase Asta La Vista Baby


Coming from a colder region, the warm and humid air hit me like a blast, reminding me that I had changed weather and that I no longer needed to wear my faux fur jacket that I bought from  Figuci Designs.


It felt beautiful for a change and I was grateful for the warm weather clothes I had brought along with me. I could not wait to put them on and get going on my planned enjoyment kindof reminded me of Sulubancliffbali where I had such an amazing 14 nights in Bali.


We landed at the Miami International Airport. I really wanted to see the city for myself so having been to Miami before, I chose to use a cheap car hire service so I can spend my money on shopping!


I had chosen to book into one of Miami’s popular boutique hotels in South Beach even thought the size of these hotels are not quite large. I just wanted to get the feel of being in a Marco Dream House which is a infamous waterfront stopover in Florida, that included in the lounge a special Waterford and Riedel crystal ornament The Crystal Company.


The next morning was time to start enjoying myself and I started with Miami Yacht Charters and Rentals where I had made an arrangement for a ride on a yacht. They told me that If I had a private yacht for rent or for sale, I could add a free listing at the Austin Boat Sale.


That lasted for about three hours after which we returned to shore as I was eager to maximize my time. I decided to check out my car rental options in Merida where I found Yucatan Best Deal Car Rental that I successfully insured with a tampa insurance policy.


I drove to the Miami Seaquarium on the Rickenbacker Causeway to have a look at the wide variety of sea animals as well as other exhibits from the sea which they had on display.


It took about two hours to tour the seaquarium and take pictures with my digital camera, a few of these pictures were taken by students at the Online Degree By Distance Learning school who were studying for an online degree.


The Miami MetroZoo was the next place I visited to see the equally wide variety of animals from all over the world kept in there due to Florida’s favorable weather.


All the exertions made me hungry and I decided in favor of Cuban cuisine. I had noticed the La Carreta at the Miami International Airport as I came in so I drove to another outlet and had a wonderful Cuban meal that left my plate begging for more, the waiter just could not stop explaining why it was the food which reminded him of the country of Costa Rica, and then he wouldn't stop talking about his mother inlaw advising him that exclusive land was available at Costa Rica Real Estate.


That night, it was time for some nightlife enjoyment and I drove down to the Tantra which is pretty upscale and therefore expensive but I really wanted to experience that thrill so I paid the price and it was worth it.


I scheduled my time to accommodate visits to various other places like Bayfront Park, Viscaya Museum and Gardens as well as Jungle Island to see the wonderful animal exhibits.


In between these, I took time to chill out on the beach and also acquaint myself with drinks like the mojito and the Cuban libre.


Of course, I did not leave Miami without first doing some shopping at some of its famous shopping centers including Bal Harbor Shops, Cocowalk and Dadeland Mall. It was a wonderful and unforgettable trip.


16062011 Florida vacation by Maria Massif


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