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Vibrant Barcelona is located in North-eastern Spain, in the district of Catalonia.   It is the second largest city in Spain and is the capital of Catalonia.  It’s proximity to the Mediterranean coast ensures warm weather all year round, making it a very popular tourist destination.  The city is bursting with culture, from the striking architecture of its churches and museums to the street performers, flower sellers and markets.


Location and weather in Barcelona

Due to its close proximity to the Mediterranean, Barcelona experiences a very warm climate, even in the winter months.  The best time of year to visit Barcelona is between April to June, and between September to November, as the average temperature ranges between 19oC to 23oC during these months.  August can be uncomfortably hot and incredibly busy in Barcelona, therefore it is not recommended to visit Barcelona at that time of the year.


Landing in Barcelona

Barcelona International Airport is the main international airport used by tourists travelling to and from Barcelona.  It is located approximately 10km away from central Barcelona.  Reus Airport also caters for both domestic and international flights to and from Barcelona.  Reus airport is approximately 106km south of Barcelona. 


It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from London, UK to Barcelona by plane.


Visiting sites to see in Barcelona

Ciutat Vella (Barcelona's old town) is a very popular part of the city.  The Medieval El Gòtic lies here and attracts tourists from all over the world.  The El Gòtic, translates from Catalan as “Gothic Quarter” and is home to many medieval buildings which date back to the Roman era of Barcelona.


The breath-taking view from the magnificent Pyrenees Mountains is a sight too good to be missed.


Tourist information offices as well as hotels can provide information on excursions to the Pyrenees Mountains which is recommended, especially those that provide a helicopter tour.  Anuncios De Alquiler Vacacional Para Mallorca Directo Del Propietario. Snow sports, such as alpine skiing, hiking and mountaineering also take place on the Pyrenees Mountains and the views from the mountains can be magical. 


The Dalí Theatre and Museum is well worth paying a visit.  This museum is of the artist Salvador Dalí, and his work, in his home town of Figueres, in Catalonia.  The museum exhibits a lot of Dali’s work, among other artists’ work, who were also friends of his.


Shopping in Barcelona makes for a pleasant experience.  Barcelona has many shops and markets dedicated to selling goods such as clothes, jewellery and souvenirs.


The Port Vell, which translates as “Old Harbour” in Catalan, is a main tourist attraction in Barcelona and boasts a mall, a cinema complex, numerous bars, cafes, shops and restaurants as well as Europe’s largest aquarium. 


At night, the Port and its surroundings are illuminated, paired with the lights reflection from the water’s surface, creating a truly beautiful sight.


The official languages of Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan; however English is also widely spoken and understood.


The currency used in Barcelona is the Euro.  1 Euro comprises of 100 cents. 


Credit cards are widely accepted throughout the city and foreign exchange facilities and ATMs are also plentiful.©

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