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Paying a tourist visit to the fabulous city of Capetown in S.A


Cape Town

Cape Town is situated in the Western Cape region in South Africa and is famed for its harbour and its lush scenery. 

It is the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa and is home to the world-renowned landmarks of Table Mountain and Cape Point which attract thousands of tourists each year. 

The city is set in a ‘bowl’ called the City Bowl, which is surrounded by the dramatic cliffs, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak; as well as Table Mountain.

Best time to visit Cape Town

Cape Town’s summer season is between the months of December to March, particularly February, which guarantees week after week of pure sunshine. 

In February, the average temperature is approximately 21oC; however the best time of year to visit Cape Town is during the months of April and May, as it feels slightly cooler, but still very warm and the majority of tourists visit Cape Town during the summer so Cape Town is less busy. 

There are also great travel offers around for Cape Town for this time of year.

Landing in Cape Town from London

Cape Town caters for the second largest airport in South Africa, Cape Town International Airport which is approximately 34km from Central Cape Town.  Tambo International Airport also caters to flights to and from Cape Town and is South Africa’s largest airport. 

It takes approximately 12 hours to travel from London, UK to Cape Town by plane.

Languages spoken and currency used in Capetown

English is predominantly spoken in Cape Town; however Afrikaans, also known as South African Dutch, is also widely spoken. 

The currency used in Cape Town is the South African Rand (ZAR). 

Fascinating sightseeing places to visit when in Capetown

The Castle of Good Hope, located in Cape Town is the city’s oldest building.  The fort was originally built from timber, mortar and clay in 1652, and was re-developed in 1679.  It was built to service ships which passed during long voyages. 

The castle also possesses a bell which was used to warn citizens of danger for up to 10km away, as well as summon soldiers and citizens when announcements were to be made.  The castle was also the focal point for the headquarters of the South African Army and presently accommodates the Castle Military Museum.

Cape Town’s most famous landmark, Table Mountain National Park is home to the Table Mountain chain, collectively known as Cape Peninsula, which stretches from Table Mountain to Cape Point, and also consists of Silvermine and Tokai Forest. 

A number of native animals such as ostriches, baboons and antelopes also inhabit the park, making for a truly exotic experience when visiting.  Cable cars run from the park to the top of Table Mountain, however walking is well-recommended to observe and experience areas which are not accessible by cable car.  There is also a mountain-top restaurant located on Table Mountain.

 The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden also ensures an entertaining and educating experience.  The world-renowned Botanical Garden is situated at the bottom of Table Mountain and celebrates the natural Flora of South Africa.  It was founded in 1913 in order to preserve the country's unique flora and was the world’s first botanical garden to do so. 

The botanical garden truly is a stunning sight to be seen, promoting South Africa’s natural beauty.

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