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travelsim cards helps finding cheapest calls from your mobile on holiday your one stop alternative search solution to help you find the best possible cheap online flights, cheap holiday deals and excellent cheap hotel deals as well as helping you in finding out the best rates and ways on how to use your mobile phone from abroad. How to get the best use out of taking your mobile phone from the UK on holiday abroad

How to get the best use out of taking your mobile phone from the uk on holiday abroad

The necessity of communications remains no where you are at any point of time.


It really does not matter if you are looking for cheap holiday flights in China, Brazil, Europe or Africa,  you will likely need to make and receive calls on your phone.


Roaming And Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad Outside Of Your Usual Network.


The question is what option you choose to make use of in fulfilling this need.

Generally a lot of people just buy a phone and make use of a local network while abroad but then this has its own problems as you generally want people to know that you are the person calling. This is possible if you enable roaming on your phone.

Roaming can be described as a function which allows you to use your own phone on another network in another country while still being billed by your own network. This agreement is usually for a brief time frame.

It works such that when you are making calls, you get billed and when you receive calls, you also get billed.

This is one major discouragement regarding roaming. Happychatty - Cheap International Phone Calls Cheap international phone calls from the uk to any country worldwide from just 1p per minute (even to a mobile) anytime, any day. No registration, pre-payments or bills. Start saving money now!

You can determine if your phone can roam by ascertaining a few things before embarking on that trip.


First, you need to make sure that your destination country operates a compatible phone technology with the one in use by your phone network.


Secondly, you have to make sure your phone company has a roaming agreement with any network in your destination. If there is no agreement in place, you will not be able to roam in that country.


It is very important for you to ascertain the costs at which you are charged while making and receiving calls as the costs of receiving may be charged to you and not the caller.


Usually, when you make a call, it is a combination of a the cost of an international phone call rate on your phone network and the cost of making a local call by the roaming network you are using.


Blackberry Abroad

Using a Blackberry when roaming is easily possible and the use to blackberry messenger is a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones via the use of Pin to Pin messaging. Blackberry messenger allows you make and receive not only messages but pictures and sounds as well as short voice notes, when data is enabled or if you are using WIFI then this can be a very cost effective way of keeping in touch when abroad.


Obviously, it is quite expensive making and receiving calls while roaming on another network outside the country.

There are however ways of minimizing the costs applicable while communicating with family, friends and possibly the office while abroad.

Here a just a few of them:

a. Use SMS:

Roaming charges do not affect SMS, so it is still free to receive text messages. You can simply receive a text or respond at a higher rate.

b. Get Call Alerts on Your Phone:

You can simply ask that your family and friends ring your phone once or twice to indicate that they want to discuss. You can then send a message via SMS.

c. Use a Phone card:

When you make use of a prepaid international call card, it usually saves you a lot of money. Prepaid international long distance phone service with cheap domestic and international calling card rates without phone card gimmicks. No minimum, no tax, no hidden fees. Just good service at a cheap price!

d. Use free Voip Services:

You can just make your call for free over the internet using voice over internet protocol. Most instant messaging services have this function embedded.

All you need to have is a good internet connection and you will pay a cheap rate for calls to landlines while calls on the same platform are absolutely free. Voice over IP international free calls may also enable you to get the best deals on overseas calls.©

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